Photo by David Hibbard 



I attempt to examine relationships of form, color, light and texture which are overlooked by the casual observer and to express them in such a way that they can no longer go unnoticed.

One of my challenges is to become unbound from my own concepts of nature and its reality and to release my senses to the world around me.

Photographing is a voyage of discovery. I try to mindfully perceive the space of my environs, objects in that space and their passage through time -almost as if I were seeing them for the very first time. This kind of perception is a meditative experience–a state of mind–an openness to the possibilities.


Bruce Hodge has lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1979. Initially he practiced landscape photography using black and white film with a large format camera, making traditional silver prints. In 1998, he began to shoot exclusively with color film and medium format cameras, utilizing the quickly expanding opportunities of digital output. In recent years, he's migrated primarily to digital capture.

Hodge has exhibited at various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. His most extensive show to date was by invitation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC. In addition to his work as a photographer, Hodge is a retired computer scientist having spent the bulk of his career at Adobe Systems, a leader in the production of software for the visual arts industry.  Hodge also counts himself as a climate activist, having founded Carbon Free Palo Alto in 2011.            

Photographers that have influenced Hodge include Brett and Edward Weston, Wynn Bullock, and Minor White. He'd also like to acknowledge the sage guidance of Charles Cramer and Marion Patterson.

Recent Exhibitions:

Vino Locale, Palo Alto, CA, 2015
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC, 2007
Solo Exhibition: “A World Within”, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, 2005
“Open Juried Show”, Art Museum of Los Gatos, 2004 (first place)
Collection 2004 artist, Silicon Valley Open Studio 2004
“Open Studio”, Silicon Valley Open Studio, Palo Alto, 2000-2004
“Unseen World”, dp Fong Gallery, San Jose, 2003 <statement>
“Open Juried Show”, Art Museum of Los Gatos, 2003 (honorable mention)
“Images 2002”, Arts Council Silicon Valley, San Jose, 2002
“6 Photographers”, Keeble & Shuchat Photography, Palo Alto, 2000
“10 Photographers”, Photographer's Gallery, Palo Alto, 1999


Bruce Hodge Photographic Art